Gattimela 06 March 2020 Preview: Vedanth And Amulya Playfully Chase Each Other

Vedanth and Amulya try to apply turmeric powder on each other when Amulya falls in Vedanth's arms.

Gattimela 06 March 2020 Preview_ Vedanth And Amulya Playfully Chase Each Other

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Parimala gets emotional about daughter getting married. Just as they are all talking, two women begin to discuss Aarthi’s marriage, wondering if she will actually tie the knot this time. Amulya hears the same and tells them that they are welcome for the occasion. However, if they have anything else in their heart then they are most welcome to leave their house. Elsewhere, rituals are being performed in the Vasishta house.

In the next episode, Amulya is grinding the turmeric for Aarthi’s haldi ceremony. When Vedanth brings it to her house, she asks him why he brought it so late. As she is complaining about how much time it will take to grind the turmeric, Vedanth begins to stare at the turmeric on her face. He tells her to clean it away but Amulya ends up rubbing more powder on her face. The two have a romantic moment when Vedanth and her begin to chase each other to put turmeric on the other.

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