Gattimela 06 February 2020 Preview: Employees Ask Amulya If Vedanth Likes Her

Amulya is put in a spot, by her employees. How will she react? Read inside!

Source: ZEE5

In the previous episode of Gattimela, Sahithya asks Vedanth to sign the papers which Amulya has signed. The agreement says that Amulya will not be paid a salary for the following month, as the money has been used for her father’s treatment. When Vedanth discovers this, he tears those papers and shouts at Sahithya for doing so.

In this episode, some of the employees ask Amulya if Vedanth has a soft corner for her or not. Amulya does not know what to say and begins to imagine emotional moments with him. She herself is confused about what he feels for her and is thinking that even if he had any feelings, he is marrying Sahithya and hence, nothing else matters. Amulya feels hurt thinking about this.

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