From Amrutha To Kamali: 7 TV Actresses Who Nailed Their No-Makeup Looks With Just A Smile

Amrutha Of Naagini, Amulya Gowda of Kamali and other TV actresses will impress you with their natural beauty sans makeup

1. Deepika Das

Stills Of Deepika Das From Naagini
Source: Instagram

Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life but not something that we can’t live without. Playing the role of Amrutha on Naagini, you must have seen Deepika wearing makeup before. Her no-makeup look, however, is adorable as well, especially with her smile.

2. Amulya Gowda

Amulya Gowda From Kamali Poses For A Still In Traditional Wear And Gym Clothes
Source: Instagram

Namma favourite Kamali is another pretty lass who looks adorable in makeup but looks equally good without any of it. What do you think?

3. Sushma Shekhar

Sushma Shekhar Smiles For Her Beautiful Stills
Source: Instagram

Belli from the show Yaare Nee Mohini can maim any heart with her adorable face. Both with makeup and without, her charm is mesmerising.

4. Deepa Bhaskar

The Cute Subbalakshmi Aka Deepa Bhaskar From Subbalakshmi Samsara
Source: Instagram

Namma Subbi from Subbalakshmi Samsara looks flawless with makeup and this adorable pose. When not having applied any cosmetics, Deepa looks so much younger.

5. Chaithra Rao

Chaithra Rao Aka Janaki From Jodi Hakki Looks Cute Eitherways
Source: Instagram

Janaki from Jodi Hakki has a very captivating smile. While Chaithra looks great with makeup, I personally love her normal avatar because it is simple and cute. 

6. Geetha Bharathi Bhat

Proof That Colours Bring Out The Best In Namma Gundamma
Source: Instagram

Bramhagantu’s Gundamma has won hearts with her smile and voice before. Furthermore, makeup is of minimal importance to this gorgeous woman who finds happiness around bright pop colours.

7. Bhavani Mallela

The Cutie Gangaa Aka Bhavani Mallela Will Cheer You Up
Source: Instagram

It clearly shows that Gangaa looks gorgeous with makeup. But hey, Bhavani’s natural beauty reflects well through the spectacles and smile she sports. Bottom line, she looks pretty either way!

It is important to give your face a break from constant makeup routines. Sometimes, just kicking back and flaunting your most natural look paired with a smile works the best!

Whose natural look did you like the most? Who were you surprised by the most? If you have any inputs for us, please use the comments box below.

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