EXCLUSIVE: Naagini’s Deepika Das Reveals Some Awesome Secrets In A Chat With Zee Kannada

Who else can’t keep calm? After many years we finally have her secret to health and beauty and much more in this exclusive interview. Deets Inside!

Deepika Das's Exclusive Interview Will Give You An Insight Into Her Life

For Naagini’s Deepika Das, life is all about standing outside the box and experiencing unique things. She doesn’t believe in moving with or following the crowd. Some people are built with an inquisitiveness to live their lives in a certain way, and Deepika definitely has the inquisitive worm in her to experience new things. This is mainly because she welcomes anything that has unique/exciting written on it.

In a recent interview. We asked Deepika a few personal questions, which she was happy to answer for us. No more delays, let’s get straight to her amazing answers. Spoiler Alert: Watch out for her personal message to all fans.

Q. What is your style statement?

A. My statement would be not conforming to normalcy. I just want to be different. Be makeup, hairstyle or even the dressing sense, I don’t like to copy anyone else. For the same, I keep changing my complete look every now and then. Wearing things in a certain way can be called a style in itself. If you have observed me, then you must have noticed that I keep trying unique things, so certainly that would be my style statement. Right from traditional wear to western wear, you have to be different. Different and elegant! There is something unique about everyone, so according to me you should find it and pursue the uniqueness that defines you.

Q. What is your favourite holiday destination?

A. My dream is to travel worldwide. Europe, especially, is my personal favourite. Most of the time, we as actors are allotted very short spans of holidays, so during such times, I prefer to travel in Karnataka or somewhere in the country. But otherwise, European countries are my favourite.

Q. Do you have a celebrity crush? 

A. I don’t know. There could be, but right now I don’t know. In Sandalwood, right now I don’t have a crush on anyone, but in Bollywood, I have a slight crush on Vicky Kaushal. This is speaking of my recent crush.

Q. Your tips to maintain good health and beauty?

A. Be it health or beauty, for both, food is very important. Food and exercise, for that matter. According to me, home-made food keeps you healthier. Even your beauty stays intact if you ask my opinion. While eating foods with cholesterol, like fried or oily stuff, you should balance it out with exercise. That is my strategy. So, when I eat too much rice, I prefer to balance it out with exercise. Given our daily routines, we seldom get time to exercise. So I personally balance my nutrients in the food I eat. But don’t forget, have food that is prepared at home, no matter the dish is. In my house, we prefer to eat homemade food rather than going out.

Q. What is your all-time beauty secret for such amazing skin?

A. Moisturiser is a must. I make sure to apply my moisturiser on a daily basis and without fail. Along with that, I use sunscreen too. Lastly, I always have 4-5 glasses of water minimum.

Q. Your message to all the fans out there?

A. I would just like to say one thing, it is because of all the fans out there that I am here. Without them I truly am nothing. So I am extremely thankful and like to give out a big thanks to all fans for loving us. It is because of their love and support that we have reached such heights. Thanks to you, our hopes are lifted and it feels like we are encouraged too. It’s all because of them. I love you all. Each and every one! Thank you.

Bet you didn’t know that Namma Amrutha will send such a sweet message to all fans, right? Let us know if you knew any of these facts about her in the space below.

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