EXCLUSIVE: It’s Time To Reveal The Beauty Secrets Amulya Gowda Aka Kamali Swears By

Ever wondered how Kamali keeps herself looking so pretty? This exclusive interview will tell you. PS: Watch out for the special hair tip by her!

Amulya Gowda As Kamali From The Sets

Kamali is one of those shows that you can’t stop watching if you are a millennial and love youthful drama. Starring Amulya Gowda in the lead as Kamali herself, the show got some great remarks and until sometime back was the topmost show on the Zee Kannada’s primetime lineups. While it is still in the top three, the story gets interesting with each passing episode.

In a recent exclusive interview with us, the actress shared her beauty secrets and tips. While the actress mentioned a few points regarding the same, she also added one awesome tip for her fans that she follows regularly. To know what it is, keep scrolling.

She first pointed out the problems she faces in terms of maintaining her beauty by saying, “I only prefer home-remedies when it comes to beauty. I cannot do with chemical products. The first thing is that since it is summer, it is very easy to get extremely tanned as you must have already seen me on the show.” Amulya then spoke about her first beauty tip that she follows ardently. “I apply Aloe vera gel every day as it helps in tan-removal and keeping the skin very soft.”

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The Kamali actress is absolutely right! According to many reports conducted by various organisations, Aloe vera is an excellent remedy to get rid of those mean tan lines. I have a cool tip for you to prove that what Namma Kamali said can be tested. Apply the aloe gel to the particular tanned area and see the exceptional results within a week itself!

Additionally, Amulya came forth to give her fans a great tip for hair growth as well, including reducing hair fall and you will love this piece of advice. She said, “Another tip I would like to give regarding hair maintenance is that hair-growth should always be good for anyone. For the same, if you want to reduce hair fall and increase hair-growth, add some aloe vera gel to the coconut oil or whichever oil you use for your hair. Apply this to your roots and see how your hair fall reduces and amplifies your hair-growth.”

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Wondered how Amulya got such great hair-growth? Follow this tip and you’ll know for yourself. Plus, giving out your beauty secrets is not easy for many people, but Kamali was kind enough to share her personal beauty tips with us, isn’t she the best?

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