Did You Know That Samikshaa Likes Justin Beiber? Here Are 6 Other Cool Facts About Her

Shanaya of Subbalakshmi Samsara keeps her life simple and enjoys all that she can, while she can.

7 Little Known Facts About Samikshaa

Famous for her role of Shanaya on Subbalakshmi Samsara, Samikshaa is the perfect example of a new-age vamp since she plays the character of a married man’s girlfriend. When it comes to real life, she is a different personality altogether. With a peaceful nature, she loves making friends with everyone around her.

Kaushalya’s reaction towards Gurumurthy will make you emotional:

All you Samikshaa fans, get ready to enjoy learning these lesser known facts about her.

1. She is crazy for Deepika Padukone

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Yeah 😈😈😈😉

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Yes! Samiksha idolises the very famous B-town actress Deepika Padukone. This is one of the rare cases when an actress is so crazy about another actress. But we are sure DP doesn’t mind at all!

2. The hots for Justin Bieber

Samiksha declared her undying love for JB on her Insta page. Of course, Justin is totally worth the fan following given his cute chocolate boy looks.

3. Her undying love for furry paws

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#loveforpets #familygoals #homesweethome🏡 #shimogha

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Her love for cats, rather kitties is one of the few things that keeps her motivated and smiling always. Personally, I feel cats are Samikshaa’s spirit animals.

4. A social bee with her co-stars on and offshoots

Samikshaa loves capturing moments with her co-stars and friends. Her happiness can be seen hiding behind that adorable smile she sports, does it not?

5. She is a total entertainer

Dressed in different outfits and posing as different characters, Shanaya always entertains her fans in a new way. Versatile much?

6. The pink factor

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#Hometowntime #peace #lovefornature #breaktime

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In my opinion, Samikshaa looks so pretty in outfits that have pink or are pink. The colour surely adds that sparkle to her look.

7. Posing with fun backdrops

Bringing out the inner-child in her, she loves taking pictures while standing in front of cartoons or fun backdrops. Samikshaa has a knack for imitating these characters perfectly.

This Subbalakshmi Samsara actress had so many surprises in store for us. Here’s hoping she shares more of her likes and dislikes to all her fans often.

What was your favourite fact about Samikshaa? Which actor or actress would you like to know more about next? Do share your thoughts and comments in the section below!

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