Did You Know Bharath Bopanna Has A New-Found Love For Black And White Photographs?

Warning: Viewing his pictures might make you go weak in the knees!

Lucky Is A Fan Of Black And White Photographs. Are You?

Namma Lucky from Zee Kannada’s Bramhagantu is a young good-looking lad who shows extreme promise. His love for monochrome images is a visual treat for all his fans. Monochrome, however boring, seems to set a vintage tone to any photograph. It also gives you a timeless feel even in this digital age.

All Lucky fans watch this space to know what he is up to:

No one would ever want to miss the chance of looking like a retro star, including Bharath. Furthermore, monochromes focus on the emotional aspect, thereby diminishing any distractions that colours can bring about. With a stronghold in the field of commercial photography, monochromes are being used on a wide scale throughout the world.

While black and white photography emphasises on forgetting about the negative space in the image, it also focuses on how one perceives the different spectres of light. As compared to a coloured photograph, a monochrome is helpful in beautifying your face by removing all the undertones.

More than colour, a monochromatic image will give you a clear sense of space, shapes and patterns. Personally, in most of my photographs, I prefer to go all black and white as it emphasises my facial expressions with a classic feel. Especially when the light tones blend with your face and outfit, photographers have less headache of post-processing. So, like the dashing Bharath Bopanna, you too should start getting photographs of yourself clicked in monochrome. Good Luck!

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