Deputy Chief Minister Of Bihar Sushil Modi Discusses His Plan To Tackle COVID-19

Deputy Chief Minister Of Bihar Sushil Modi has a few plans for Bihar's migrant workers when they come back home. Details inside.

Migrant workers

As the number of migrant labours returning home increase in Bihar, relief measures have also increased in the wake of Covid-19 which now stands at a minimum of Rs 5,000 crore. This also includes cash transfers, transportation costs, and expenditure as stated by Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi.

A considerable part of the cost is being borne by the state’s disaster relief fund. However, Modi has said that Bihar may need to dip into regular funds depending on the situation.

The state has also transferred Rs 1,000 to each ration cardholder and Rs. 20 lakh to migrants currently residing in other states. Along with this, the state has also developed an application on the mobile in order to identify genuine migrant labours of other states.

Additionally, other healthcare-related costs aren’t very high as existing hospitals’ infrastructure that includes doctors and other healthcare professionals have been maintained by the state exchequer.

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