Deepika Das’s Awesome Trip To ‘Wonder La’ Is Your Perfect Solution To A One-Day Getaway

Don’t worry about behaving like an adult here. In Wonder La, Bengaluru, lose yourself in the pleasurable rides and revisit your childhood.

Ever Been To Wonder La. Naagini Actress Deepika Das Wil Inspire You To Get Going

Who says adults can’t have fun and work hard? Deepika Das from the show Naagini is a strong believer of balancing both work and personal life. For the same, she lets loose whenever opportunity strikes. On her fun-filled day to Wonder La, all was forgotten, and the stress was out of the window. Located approximately 28 kilometres from Bengaluru, Wonder La is one of the biggest amusement parks in South India 

What is surprising is, despite going to rides one after another, I have never been able to completely experience every single ride in the park. Having gone there more than four times, I still have never been able to sit through all rides because of how big the park is.

While that is challenging if you are planning to go there soon, here are a few things to keep in mind.  

1. Carry an ample amount of sunscreen with you, in order to avoid heat-strokes. It will also keep you protected while in water rides.

2. Summer is the best season to go there if you want to enjoy the water rides. Also, since the majority of Karnataka’s regions are cold most of the year, the heat will help you go on rides again and again. 

3. If you don’t stay in Bengaluru and are visiting just to see the park, you can enjoy staying at the resort right next to it. By booking a room in the resort, your entry to the park is absolutely free!

4. Carry swimwear. Swimming gear must include a headgear as well as goggles for best benefits of the water rides. 

5. As is the case with any public place, keep your important belongings like phone or money with you at all times. To protect it, carry a plastic pouch or something of the like. You can always purchase a locker, depending on how comfortable you are.

Wonder La is definitely worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. Deepika knew this and we are pretty sure had the time of her life that day. After your visit, give a shout out to us about how it went for you in the comments space below. 

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