Deepika Das Cuddling This Cute Baby Donkey Will Make You Believe In Humanity & Kindness

We knew she loves her furry pets. But her photographs with this adorably cute being just proves Deepika’s immense love for animals in general. #Proud

Deepika Teaches Us To Love Any Living Being With Love And Respect

Popularly known as Amrutha on the show Naagini, this lass is out to set the record straight to everyone. The record of being the best human ever. Why? It’s because Deepika Das has a huge place in her heart, not just for her pets but all living beings in general. Her love for any four-legged animal just increased my respect for her maybe a hundred times more. 

 Can Amrutha move past her dilemma? Watch this episode to find out:

Not just any four-legged animal, Deepika was seen with this young donkey, cuddling with him/her all the way through. The happiness seen on her face is a visual treat. Not to forget, the cute little white baby donkey seems totally cool with all the cuddles and kisses that are being showered upon him. Watching something like this will make you believe in humanity again and may let a happy tear slip by 

Deepika And This Adorable Donkey Will Make Your Day
Source: Instagram

A sight filled with love and care always seems to uplift any kind of mood, doesn’t it? Animals need and deserve our love. As humans, it is our duty to protect, care and love these mute creatures. If you too can’t imagine a world without these lovely beings, it’s time to show how much they mean to you. The next time you come across an animal like this adorable little white donkey, share some love by giving them a good meal and some time. While they may not understand it, they will definitely feel your emotions (something animals are best at, understand emotions).

Deepika Das Cuddles With A Baby Donkey Is Heartwarming
Source: Instagram

Don’t do it because we are saying it, find it in your heart to spread more love in the world. As for Namma favourite Naagini, we sincerely thank her for spending a moment with this baby donkey and sharing it with all of us. Way to go Deepika, keep the spark in you alive, always! 

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