Craving For A Burger Like The Cutie Amulya Gowda? These 5 Joints Will Satisfy Your Hunger

There are many things to love about Namma Kamali including her food habits. From her, we also learn that occasionally it’s okay to have a cheat day.

Kamali's Expression Will Give You Burger Cravings

Topping the Zee Kannada charts for being the most popular show for quite some time now is Kamali, starring Amulya Gowda and Niranjan. For an actor to stay fit and in shape, it is important to control your diet and any other intakes. While that is important, Namma Kamali begs to differ and honestly leads her life on her terms! 

 Kamali’s anger with Rishi still continues, watch this episode to see what happens:

Dieting may really be good for your physical health. We all know that some amount of fast food is also needed for your mental health! Amulya, for one, believes this because often, she does something as cool as ordering a burger. You can always set a cheat day and meal for yourself like her and give your mental health the satisfaction of junk food. Hunger pangs starting to kick in?

These reputed eateries will spoil you on your cheat day, that is a promise! 

  1. Hard Rock Cafe

Famous for its live music gigs and the amazing ambience is the legendary Hard Rock Café on St. Marks Road, Bengaluru. For first-timers who want to experience a wonderful fine-dining experience need only hop into this eatery. 

  1. Millers 46

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With a vintage vibe, this old-classic situated on Millers Road is truly worth the visit. Order a burger that suits your mood. But hey, be prepared to get your hands messy, because the juicy fillets will leave you licking your fingers and maybe even the plate. If nothing else, the classic Millers Hamburger will satiate your burger cravings 

  1. Plan B

When plan A doesn’t work, where do you land up? In Plan B, of course! My personal favourite during my college days was this always crowded restaurant. An extremely small place for the number of people that keep lining up outside to get a taste of the delicious cuisines it offers. If you crave for finger licking burgers, drive up to Castle Street now! 

  1. Truffles

Another college favourite of my mine was Truffles, which has quite a few branches in the city. Probably the most pocket-friendly out of the lot, this eatery will satisfy you in terms of your fast food cravings. Very popular with the younger masses, Truffles is a non-alcoholic restaurant which will fit perfectly, for your pocket and for your stomach.  

  1. The Black Rabbit

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The most unique burger joint is The Black Rabbit. Situated in Indiranagar, this place will blow your mind with its one-of-a-kind burgers. It is a legendary delight, that you must try if you still haven’t visited.  

I don’t know about you, but I am surely craving for a burger now. Do send in your recommendations for a sumptuous burger in the city as well.

Remember, if you get cravings to watch the show while eating your burger, stream the latest episodes of Kamali on ZEE5!