COVID-19 Pandemic: Bolivia Faces Lack Of Medical Professionals

Trinidad in Bolivia is the worst to be affected by the coronavirus.


Hospitals in Trinidad, Bolivia are struggling with limited resources due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. There has been a surge in patients at the Decrepit Hospital. So far 106 people have lost their lives in Bolivia and more than two thousand positive, including doctors. 30 COVID-19patients are being treated at makeshift hospitals, not long ago the hospital was slated for demolition.

Trinidad is located in Bolivia’s Amazon region, it is one of the poorest areas in the land locked country and also the worst to be affected by the coronavirus.

The lack of medical professionals is the biggest challenge that Bolivia is facing currently. A team of 15 doctors work 12 hours a day and five have tested positive for COVID-19. Authorities in Trinidad have resorted to strict measures to limit movement in the region. 

People fear that without outside help, the hospital would not be able to handle the pressure.

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