COVID-19 Cases Cross 40,000 Mark In Pakistan But Malls To Reopen

Pakistan government allows malls and small businesses to re-open even though the number of infections and death toll is on the rise in the country

Pakistan mall

Every day lakhs of people are getting infected by the deadly coronavirus across the world. As a preventive measure, the Indian government has imposed various stringent rules. However, the situation in Pakistan is exactly the opposite. Even though the country has surpassed the 40,000 corona case mark, the Supreme Court of Pakistan heard a suo moto case on the reopening of shops and malls. A five-member bench of the top court chose to open all markets in the entire country.

The malls in the country will not only operate on weekdays but will also stay open on weekends. The court has also allowed small businesses in the country to operate without any strict restrictions. Maybe these decisions have been taken to uplift the economy, as its the festival of Eid which is a prime period for all businesses. It is heard that the re-opening orders are not backed by necessary restrictions to avoid boosting COVID-19 cases.

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