Coronavirus Numbers In India Rank Highest Among Asian Nations

India tops the list with the highest number of active Coronavirus cases among all the Asian countries. Details inside.

India Lockdown

A recent statistical report states that among Asian countries, India tops the list with the highest number of Coronavirus cases. Even though the Indian government has imposed many rules and regulations, the number of positive cases is increasing day by day. Governments across the world have taken stringent measures to contain the spread of the virus.

Experts say that to eradicate the virus, nations need to understand the importance of the letter R. Here, R stands for reproduction or revaluation. R is the rapid spread of any disease due to its reproducing ability. The letter R indicates the number of people getting affected after coming in contact with an infected person. The reproduction rate of the Coronavirus is quite high in India and that is the reason we are seeing such a large number of cases in the nation.

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