Coronavirus Hinders Beekeeping In Jammu And Kashmir

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the traditional business of beekeeping in Jammu and Kashmir has been stagnant and is facing huge losses.


The pandemic has caused a lot of ups and downs in the world economy. Thousands of business have been adversely affected due to the virus. The pandemic has not even spared the age-old traditional beekeeping business in Jammu Kashmir. Due to nationwide lockdown, the beekeepers are unable to deliver their products nationally and internationally.

Usually, these beekeepers visit the markets of Punjab, Rajasthan, and regions in Jammu & Kashmir to sell their produce, but this year, to due to administrative restrictions, they are not able to sell their products. Last year, the valley produced around 350 tonnes of honey, but this year it has had to undergo huge losses. The beekeepers are quite concerned about their pending international orders as failing to deliver those may cost them both financially and in terms of their reputations.

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