China Staring At ‘Second Wave’ Of COVID-19 In Northeastern Jilin Province After Wuhan

There have been reports of the emergence of a new local virus cluster in the northeastern Chinese city, Jilin.

China President Xi Jinping

Spooking the South Asian country where the first novel Coronavirus case was detected is the ‘second wave’ of COVID-19. One of the three provinces of Northeast China, Jilin city has reported the emergence of a new local Coronavirus cluster. This has fuelled growing fears of a second wave of infections in China. Over the weekend, a cluster of infections was reported in the suburb of Shulan. Due to the proximity of the cities, i.e., 71 km, it is being said that the new cases of Jilin are of the same type. Jilin city reported six new cases on Wednesday, May 13.

All cases in Jilin and Shulan are linked to a local laundry worker and bring the total number of cases to 21. Jilin city’s Deputy Mayor warned that the situation was extremely severe and complicated. There is a major risk of further spread. Jilin was quick to partially shut its borders and cut off transport links including bus services.

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