Chaithra Rao’s Short-Trip To This Hidden Waterfall Will Make You Forget Every Place Else

This Jodi Hakki actress will tempt you to slip away from your monotonous life and go on a tryst with nature, hidden deep in the forests of Karnataka

Chaithra Will Motivate You To Escape From Your Monotonous Life

Popularly known as Janaki in the show Jodi Hakki is this beautiful lass, who believes that life must be explored to the fullest. We’ve already seen her gang, so accompanying them to beautiful areas is obviously Chaithra’s thing.  

Rama was beaten up badly because of Nanditha, watch this episode to find out why:

Situated approximately 50 kilometres from the beautiful hill station of Sirsi of the Uttara Kannada district is a beautiful waterfall called Vibhooti Falls. What is so special about this fall is that it has been preserved till this date and can only come in sight after a short trek of close to two kilometres from the main road.  

Still untouched by many tourists, it is the perfect example of raw nature itself. Unlike other commercial vacation spots that are filled with bustling tourists, these falls allow a select few to experience what one can say, the perfect picturesque image clicked by the eyes 

Legend has it that the water flowing resembles the colour of sacred ash or vibhuticausing the river to have some extent of religious value. Scientifically, however, the colour of the water is thanks to the lime rock that is present close to the waterfall 

If you have a group of friends, book a car so that even the journey there will be fun. But if you are alone, then you can take buses that go to the closest stop, which is Yana or somewhere near the Vaddi Ghat. From there your trekking journey practically starts. Whatever the case, the result is totally worth every trickle of sweat.  

Do you know any secluded places like this that are worth visiting? Let us know in the comments space below, by sharing your experiences.

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