Catch Up With The Budding Love Story Between Shivani And Trishul From Naagini 2

While Shivani is in search of Adishesha, Trishul instantly falls in love with her the minute he meets her.

Shivani and Trishul

Naagini 2 is a story about vengeance. A female serpent Shivani unites with a male serpent, Aadhisesha. As the two come together, a number of men try to possess the naagamani which in the naagaloka, is considered vital for the survival of serpents. The men shoot Aadhisesha after which he dies in the arms of Shivani.

When Adisesha is killed by the men, Shivani decides to take the form of a small girl and go in search of her lover’s murderers as well as find Adisesha who has now taken the form of a boy. With the help of her Guruji, she is sent to the house of the murderer who is also the son of Trivikrama. Trishul, on the other hand, is Trivikrama’s best friend and the son of a man who works under Trivikrama’s father. Shivani finds herself in a fix when she is unable to identify which of the two is Adisesha. Before she can discover the same, Shivani is caught by a snake charmer and gets locked into a box for the next 14 years. Guruji, however, performs certain rituals and frees her.

Trishul tries to befriend Shivani
Trishul tries to befriend Shivani

When she comes back to find her lover and kill the murderers, Trishul and Trivikrama have grown up. Trishul comes across her in a forest and instantly falls in love with her. Shivani, not knowing that Trishul is Adisesha, develops an irritation towards him as he begins to follow her and confess his love for her. Trishul is also sent by Trivikrama’s father to keep an eye on Shivani who has moved into the house next to them. Trishul comes into Shivani’s house to talk to her and become friends with her. Shivani, on the other hand, tells her friend that there is something suspicious about Trishul. She says that he has begun to develop feelings for her for which she must stay away from him in order to avoid more confusion.

Shivani is focused on finding her Adisesha who is actually Trishul. Will Shivani discover the truth about Trishul and reunite with her lover? And, will Trishul win Shivani’s heart who is currently repelled by his presence? Stay tuned to find out!

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