Bramhagantu’s Yukthi Naidu Will Surprise You With Her Fabulous Fashion Choices

Pranithi of Bramhagantu gives us a fresh perspective on style.

You Will Love These 5 Outfits By Yukthi Naidu

Thanks to the help of social media, following your favourite Zee Kannada celebrities, has become much easier. Viewers always stay updated with the latest trends from their role models. Yukthi Naidu, also known as Pranathi from the hit TV serial Bramhagantu, is not very different in real life. A bubbly, cheerful yet delicate human being, she sure seems to be the life of the party.

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People often hesitate to try something out of their comfort zone, particularly in terms of fashion, but not Yukthi. In fact, every outfit she wears, she does so like a boss! Be it a lazy outfit or something for an event, she brings her A-game on and nails the look every single time. These five outfits of her will make you go aww.

1. Elegant in a saree 

In this perfectly adorned yellow and green saree, she wishes her fans on the festival of Diwali. Her smile and her accessories compliment her look 100 per cent.

2. Hello, Cinderella

Many of us would think twice before wearing something like this but look at Yukthi. Her simplicity can only generate #princessgoals for all of you!

3. All Red everything

A messy bun, a classic red shirt-blouse, jeans and a pair of red footwear. Anyone else who is totally jealous of Pranathi right now?

4. Feeling a little casual today, are we? 

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In the end, promises are just words.

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Smiling with joy while posing with nature, Yukthi looks super cute in denim shorts and a netted blouse to match it perfectly. The best thing about this look though is her smile!

5. The show stopper

Sporting this beautiful blue and gold lehenga choli, Yukthi looks wiser than her age, but beautiful nevertheless. On the sets of Bramhagantu, she poses with confidence and pride!

I don’t know about you, but Yukthi has surely inspired me to try different outfits. She also motivates me to let out my inner child once in a while.

Which outfit of Pranathi did you like the best? Do you think she can sport any other outfit? Send in your suggestions in the comments space below.

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