Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Pens Down Poem On Nature During Lockdown

Kangana Ranaut writes a poem showing her love and fondness towards mother nature.

Kangana Ranaut

Each one of us is feeling like a caged bird due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown. Till now lakhs of people across the world have fallen prey to the dangerous COVID-19. The virus has not only disturbed the people emotionally but has also adversely affected the world economy. However, looking at the brighter side, the virus has benefited mother nature. The pollution levels have drastically reduced and due to the lockdown, we certainly have developed more respect and love towards nature. To show love and respect towards nature, renowned Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut penned a beautiful poem.

In the poem, the actress tried to show the deep connection that she shares with nature. Kangana requests mother nature to allow her to blend with it. The actress has beautifully portrayed her feelings towards nature with a mesmerising poetic video clip.

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