Friendship Day Spl: Bharath Bopanna And Dheekshit Shetty Are A Perfect Example Of Bromance

Life is nothing without friends, and Namma Arjun of Naagini and Lucky of Bramhagantu prove just that. Take a look at their off-screen bond.

Bharath And Dheekshith Are A Pair Of BFFs That Will Make You Jealous

Dheekshith Shetty and Bharath Bopanna, from their respective shows, Naagini and Bramhagantu, have nailed their roles to the bone. Both actors are equally talented and hawt, wouldn’t you say? Their friendship, however, is the one that needs to be discussed.

Despite being born in different houses, these two young lads share a bond closer than friendship. They are more like brothers, who have similar interests. So much so, that even their humour levels match! While the chemistry of friendship is different in men and women, the former work on dynamics like humour and integrity. Guys generally need an ally to accompany them on their crazy adventures. More so, there have been countless incidents in history when friends were more like comrades in arms.   

Friendship in women is commonly on an emotional level. For men, these dynamics change. They prefer discussing a football match, recent events in and around the city etc. Still, we couldn’t help but notice these two hunks sharing a joke moment. I really wonder what they were thinking…

Arjun and Lucky may not have all the time in the world to hang out with each other, but whenever they are seen together, their expressions speak volumes. Generally, it is said that people live longer if they have friends. To a great extent, this is true. Friends bring out the best in you and make you feel at home, away from home. Making their family proud in terms of success, these buds are seen together very often. Their female fans certainly have something to look forward to when these two hotties come to together. Well built, fitness freaks, beardos and many other things classify them as two peas of a pod. Don’t you agree?

Do you have a friendship like this? Share with us the moment when you became friends with that person and how it is going until now, in the box below. 

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