Beef Up Like Namma Pailwanre With 5 Simple Exercises That Can Be Done At Home 

The best part is that you don't need any kind of equipment to do these routines. Isn't that cool?

Beef Up Like Namma Pailwanre With These 5 Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home

Thandav Ram, who plays the role of Rama on Jodi Hakki, knows no boundaries when it comes to fitness goals. His dashingly carved out body will make any wrestler run in the opposite direction. Thanks to his love for body-building, there’s no denying that Rama will make you go weak in your knees.

Watch how Appanna’s family celebrates a festival in this episode:

For Rama’s fans, here are five simple yet very effective exercises that will make you a hero. Get your fitness shoes on and here we go.

1. Spiderman Burpee

A full-body cardio exercise, the Spiderman burpee works on areas like chest, shoulders, triceps and core. It also works on the toning of your legs.

2. Plank Ups

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Plank Supinated Tricep Extensions. Usually done with a pronated grip, this overhead tricep movement is a great variation that engages the tricep as the prime mover, while challenging the abs and the rest of the anterior chain isometrically. Supinating the hands promote grip strength training, while aiming to hit the long head and lateral head a bit more. The lower you are to the ground, the more challenging the exercise becomes, thus you may want to start off with the bar set a bit higher and progress lower as you build strength. Common mistakes are hip hinging with buttock hiked upwards, hyper-lordosis in the lumbar spine, and not going low enough during the down phase of the movement. Notice how the only joint that is really moving is the elbow joint, with minimal movement in the shoulder joint. This is a great calisthenic alternative to skull crushers, for all you free weight buffs. #armday #armdayeveryday #supinated #tricepextensions #bodyweighttraining #armpump #skullcrushers #arm #exercise #triceps #planktricepextension #training #tricep #workout #longhead #lateralhead #upperbody #calisthenics #plank #resistancetraining #gunshow #pumped #biomechanics #bodyweightexercise #bodyweightworkout #exercisescience #gains #strengthandconditioning #sunsoutgunsout #drnhan

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Turning up the difficulty level are these plank ups. It not only conditions your core but also helps in bringing proper posture to your body. Other benefits include the improvement of balance and some serious changes to your glutes and hamstrings.

3. Plyo push-ups

To lose weight, a plyo push up will definitely come in handy. This is for those fitness freaks who give themselves a cheat day every now and then. In fitness terminology, it works great to build the pectoral, triceps and shoulder areas.

4. Body Saw

The mighty body saw is a great fitness routine for those of you who are planning to gain abs. Since the exercise is more dynamic in nature, it provides stability in the long run for your shoulders as well. A little tip: To challenge yourself, add a heavy object on your back with some supervision.

5. Plyometric Jumps

The plyometric jump has various benefits overall. An interesting fact about this routine is that it produces maximum force in a small amount of time, which means that it requires high energy. A plyometric jump is a powerful tool that works equally on your lower and upper body. You can totally do this without the box though!

Remember the rules

Consult a fitness expert before starting these exercises as some probably might not suit your body type. Exercise with extreme caution. The people in the video are experts at what they do so have some sort of workout routine in place before you start doing them.

We certainly hope you are all set to make Rama jealous! If you already have a body as him, share your pictures with us with #IBeefedUp