Avoid These Sensitive Topics With Your Child If You Are A Single Parent Like Namma Subbi

It becomes increasingly difficult when you are the sole bread-earner of the house. But if you love the apple of your eye, life will get better!

Namma Subbi Is Very Careful When She Speaks To Atharva. You Should Too

Life is funny sometimes and ends up doing more damage than expected. For example, Namma Subbalakshmi from the show Subbalakshmi Samsara, who did not expect her God-like husband to turn into a cheating spouse. In the end, it was basically her and Atharva, her beloved son. If you too are in this unfortunate situation, we sincerely hope things get better for you in due course of time.

Till then, let’s look at a few things that you must avoid talking about in front of your child until they are all grown up of course. 

1. Why your husband left

In today’s fast-paced environment, children pick up things with extreme ease. So, the next time you are fighting or arguing, remember there is a small innocent kid watching and observing your every move. You’ll be surprised when they soon spring that topic back onto you, like how Atharva does with Subbi. 

2. Whether you are financially stable

Even if you can’t afford something for your baby and they want it, try your best to take a deep breath and explain to them politely in a way they will understand. Another way would be to divert their mind with something that catches their interest. Very few children comprehend anything else when there is something like a chocolate in front of them. 

3. Your opinion about someone

It is imperative that you set the right example for your child. They will be your age someday, always remember that. For example, despite the injustice faced by Subbi, she never speaks ill of Guru in front of Atharva, and she ensures he doesn’t have any wrong qualms about his father either.  

4. If you are scared that they may leave you too

Never taunt your child about them leaving you someday. Since children of the 21st century are quick in learning things, it might be your own fault if someday they really leave.

5. Whether your child will stay with you or not

If god forbid, you are on your way of getting a divorce, they never talk to your young child about whom he will stay with etc. It will only confuse them further. Of course, as a mother, you will want your baby to be with you, but that decision has to be taken by the court. By telling your child this, it might create some major emotional trauma for them. So be very careful.

If you are a single-parent reading this, firstly, give yourself a pat on the back for taking on both the roles of a mother and father. Secondly, we hope you relate to what we have said.

Let us know if there are any stories you would like to share with us about your kiddo! Don’t forget to share your stories or comments in the space below.  

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