Are You Rachana Smith’s, Aka Anika of Kamali, Soul Sister? Take The Quiz To Find Out

Here's a checklist which will prove that you are like Rachna Smith in real life.

Are You Rachana Smith's Soul Sister, Go Through This Checklist To Find Out

Zee Kannada’s hit show Kamali has impressed us with its negative character Anika. Her onscreen role maybe feisty but in real life, Rachana’s charm attracts many followers. An increasing number of women have started idolising her as a role model.

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Rachana Smith is the ideal celeb to follow if modern is your middle name. Furthermore, these five characteristics will help you decide if you are soul-sisters.

1. Confidence

To pursue any life-long passion like Rachana (who wanted to become an actress), confidence is the key. She believes in her strengths and capabilities that help her move forward in life.

2. Poise

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Rachana’s life as an actor is always hectic but she never complains. Instead, she carries herself with grace, no matter the obstacles in front of her.

3. Attitude 

The right attitude is necessary to avoid sweating the small stuff. It is imperative because it determines an individual’s passion. Off-sets, Rachana is known for her pleasing attitude.

4. Gratitude

Being thankful for any gift life has offered you is an absolute must. No one can be ungrateful and live a happy life. Namma Rachana knows this well and always gives credit where it is due.

5. Optimism

Optimism goes hand-in-hand with gratitude. If you aren’t a positive thinker, there is nothing you can be grateful about. Despite playing a negative character onscreen, Rachana never fails to find happiness in little things.

As a matter of fact, you should set this list as a benchmark because it will help you learn more and become a better version of yourself. Good luck!

Did you tick all the boxes on the soul sister checklist? Is there any other Zee Kannada actor that you connect more with? Keep your comments flowing in the box below.

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