Anika Is Shocked To See Rishi Tying A Taali To Kamali During The Tulsi Kalyana Pooja

Will Rishi tie the Taali in the presence of his mother? Did everyone misunderstand the situation? Read here to know what happened.

Anika's Shocked Reaction When She Sees Rishi About To Tie The Taali Around Kamali's Neck

Holding the top spot on the TRP charts for a long time was the hit show Kamali on Zee Kannada. If you are a fan you will know that things were going downside between Kamali and Rishi for a while. But after her exams, things have got better between them. However, the relationship between her and Anika is still strained. Recently, Annapoorna Ajji organised a Tulsi Kalyana pooja at her house.

Here are the 6 high points of the show since then.

1. When Rishi is asked to play the part of Krishna, during the pooja, Annapoorna Ajji suggests that Kamali can be the Radha, given that she isn’t married either. 

Kamali And Rishi Are Asked To Perform The Tulsi Kalyana Pooja
Source: ZEE5

2. Tara gets irate at this thought and almost immediately opposes the idea. Her efforts, however, go in vain.

Tara Gets Furious When Annapoorna Suggests Kamali To Sit Next To Rishi For The Pooja
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3. The pooja finally begins with both of them sitting next to each other on the pedestal.

Kamali And Rishi In A Still From When The Pooja Begins
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4. During the pooja, Anika gets furious when she thinks Rishi is going to tie the Taali around Kamali’s neck.

Anika's Shocked Reaction When She Sees Rishi About To Tie The Taali Around Kamali's Neck
Source: ZEE5

5. Post the rituals, Rishi approaches Kamali with the gift he got for her, but unfortunately, isn’t able to tell her what he actually feels. 

Rishi Tries To Muster The Courage To Tell Kamali How He Feels But In Vain
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6. Ningi immediately realises what is going on with Kamali when she finds her lost in thoughts.

Ningi Questions Kamali About The Feelings In His Heart
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Do you think Kamali has overcome her fear and has started falling for her Rishi Sir? What would you like to see between these two on the show? Speak to us through the space provided below and let’s see whose answer is the most unique.

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