Actual Figures Of India’s COVID-19 Cases Defy Predictions By Experts

The number of positive cases and deaths due to COVID-19 in India has turned out to be completely different from the predictions made by scientists.

India fights back

The COVID-19 cases and deaths in India have defied experts’ projections. Many experts, mathematicians, and scientists predicted that the cases in India will cross the 30 lakh mark by mid-May, however, the current numbers seem to be way better than the predicted data. Currently, only 0.1% of tested patients are found to be positive in India. This may be because of the stringent lockdown rules and usage of tuberculosis and malaria vaccinations in the country.

The first case of Coronavirus in India was found on January 27. Since then, scientists have been making various predictions and analysis about the spread of the virus. The people who lost their lives due to the pandemic in European nations were mostly elderly or had serious health conditions. Thus, experts now say that the analysis of COVID-19 cases in India cannot be made based on the data from the European countries, and requires its own model to predict the spread of the virus accurately.

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