If You Are An Elder Sibling, Here’s Why You Can Relate To Gattimela’s Aarthi

She is loving, caring but gets flak for her sisters' mistakes. Here's why Gattimela' Aarthi shows you the good and bad of being the eldest sibling

A Still Of Aarthi, Amulya, Adithi And Anjali

Aarthi from Gattimela is the oldest of all the Manjunath sisters. She’s always there for her sisters who are naughty and playful when compared to her. She’s timid, quiet and also the wisest. However, being the eldest sister can be an advantage and a disadvantage.

Here’s how!

Aarthi has not had the freedom to do whatever she wants. Parimala always tells Aarthi that she must be a role model to her sisters. So even when she goes to meet Vikranth before her wedding, Pari shouts at her for going out of the house without telling her anything. She also says that her sisters will learn the same behaviour.

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Aarthi, as the oldest sister, has also always born the brunt (i.e getting yelled at by her mother) for everything that they have done. When Amulya goes out with Vedanth without telling anyone, Adithi and Anju try hiding it from Pari. However, when she comes to know about the same, Aarthi is questioned about why she is supporting the younger sisters when they are lying to their mother.

Being the eldest, Aarthi can tell her sisters what to do and what not to do. Though she might come across as very timid, she also delegates tasks to her sisters whether it is the chores that they should at home or homework that Anjali must do. She strikes a perfect balance between being a motherly figure as well as a friend that her sisters can talk to.

A Smiling Still Of Aarthi, Amulya And Adithi
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Having said that, Aarthi has always guided her sisters and advised them on every decision that they have made. Whether it was telling Anju to focus on her studies or making Amulya aware of her feelings for Vedanth or even telling Adithi to become more responsible after she leaves the house, Aarthi always makes them aware of their surroundings while teaching them to be more considerate.

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