A Tribute To Matinee Idol Dr Rajkumar, On What Would Have Been His 91st Birthday

Set his legendary films on your weekend binge-watch list because watching Namma Annavare Rajkumar onscreen will remind you of the good old days!

1. Bangarada Manushya

Dr Rajkumar's Bangarada Manushya
Source: ZEE5

It was 2006 when ‘the’ superstar left us owing to his untimely death. Today, 13 years later all of Dr Rajkumar’s fans still miss him all the same. The humble actor rose to fame because of his iconic films and also because of his ignorance towards anything politics. He never got into any kind of controversies regarding the political scene back then. More than anything he won countless hearts after getting released from the clutches of the notorious smuggler and gangster Veerappan. He graciously avoided any blame game and also refused to draw parallels indicating any political party. A simple man loved greatly by his family and fans, the Zee Kannada Kutumba pays a tribute to this icon on what would be his 91st birthday today.

If you are a fan, time to make a binge-watch playlist and reminisce Annavare’s best movies of yesteryears. This way you get to see him onscreen again too, as a treat of course. Let’s begin with Bangarada Manushya, in which the legend has played the role of Rajiv. The story revolves around how he supports his sister’s family when her husband passes away. Stream Bangarada Manushya on ZEE5 for free.

2. Mayura

A Still From The Film Mayura
Source: ZEE5

Mayura is a mythological movie in which Dr Rajkumar plays the lead of Mayura. Certain incidents lead him to find out the truth about his ancestral heritage. After this, how he avenges the death of his father and concentrates on building a better kingdom is what form the crux of the story. You can stream Mayura on ZEE5 here.

3. Bhagyada Bagilu

A Poster Of The Film Bhagyada Bagilu
Source: ZEE5

Dr Rajkumar variation in roles can be seen in the film Bhagyada Bagilu in which he plays the role of a man who is misunderstood to be mentally ill. After he is admitted into a mental asylum for the same, luck takes him places. To watch this entertainer on ZEE5, click here.

4. Mayor Muthanna

A Still From The Film Mayor Muthanna
Source: ZEE5

A brilliant concept that was crafted in as early as 1969, looks at the life of Muthanna aka Dr Rajkumar. Muthanna goes on to attempt to become the mayor of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Catch his interesting journey on ZEE5 here.

5. Sathi Shakthi

A Still From Sathi Shakthi
Source: ZEE5

Another mythological concept but with a different idea altogether. Sathi Shakthi is a 1963 film in which a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva is disregarded by her family as a curse. Her life flips 180 degrees when a man named Virupaksha (Dr Rajkumar) enters her life. Watch their love story, streaming for free on ZEE5. 

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Continue the entertainment, by watching Dr Rajkumar’s youngest son, Puneeth Rajkumar in Doddmane Hudga, streaming on ZEE5.