9 Insta-Quotes By Birthday Girl Rashmitha Aka Sarika Of Gattimela That Scream #GirlPower

These quotes that Rashmitha believes in should be the motto of any woman seeking motivation! Time to say Happy Birthday to Namma Sarika!

1. For Anyone Who Has Difficulty In Understanding The True You

Say Happy Birthday To Sarika From Gattimela
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Rashmitha Changappa aka Sarika from the hit show Gattimela, is an adorable person in real life, like you and me. She loves taking TikTok videos of herself to entertain fans as well as loves hanging out with her closed ones. Although she plays a negative role on the show, her real nature is exactly the opposite. Everyone including Sudha Narasimharaju, who plays the role of Parimala on the show, loves her to bits.

On her birthday today, we have managed to get some super inspirational quotes that Rashmitha used on her Instagram, that might be super helpful to you too. 

In the above image, Rashmitha is clear about the level of understanding a person may or may not have for you. Regardless, your smile should never leave your side.

2. Rashmitha Has Beautifully Explained The Difference Between Beauty And Attitude

A Wonderful Quote By Rashmitha Aka Sarika Of Gattimela
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Honestly, this is the best distinction between the two words I have ever come across in my life. The Birthday girl sure knows her beliefs!

3. Nothing In Life Is Guaranteed Is The Birthday Girl's Belief. Yay? Or Nay?

A Lovely Quote By Namma Sarika From Gattimela
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The only thing guaranteed, however, is that nothing is guaranteed! Life is all about today and now, so what Rashmitha is trying to say is that get up and take action because now is all you have.

4. Do you chose to be the Victim Or Heroine Of Your Own Life?

A Still Of Rashmitha From Gattimela
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A brilliant quote from Namma Sarika, in which she has already determined that she will choose the latter and be the heroine of her own life. Have you made that decision yet? Many factors in your life will depend on this one decision.

5. After All We Are Just Humans Right?

A Fab Saying By Namma Rashmitha Changappa
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Just look at this adorable lass, having a moment of her own. And it’s true if you think about it. Even though people might say that sadness is for the weak, it’s only in human nature to feel sad sometimes for no reason.

6. What Is The Most Attractive Part About You?

What Is The Most Attractive Part About You
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According to Rashmitha, confidence is the most attractive feature in a person. And to a great extent that is true, but you may have your own perspective, so stick to that attractive part about you.

7. Who Run The World? Girls!

The Birthday Girl Rashmitha Changappa Gives Some Great Advice Isn't It
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As she mentioned above, that confidence is key, here’s another quote to keep you motivated on your path of success and happiness. Say this mantra every day and just like Rashmitha, you’ll be the queen of the world too.

8. You Don't Need An External Force, When The Spark Is Within You

A Smiling Still Of Rashmitha Changappa Dressed In A Coorgi Attire
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Many times we are torn from inside, and the light that is inside of you fades away. Take Rashmitha’s advice and regenerate that light from within. Do this, and you won’t need an outside source to keep you happy, ever!

9. Which Woman Are You?

Decide Soon Because Rashmitha Knows Who She Is
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Whenever life throws a problem in your way, tell yourself you are like the ‘phoenix’ bird that rises from the ashes every single time. Namma Sarika has chosen her side, time for you to choose yours!

Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday, to the cutest villain of all time, Rashmitha Changappa, in the space provided to you below.

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