9 Cool Travel Hacks If You Too Are Taking A Solo Trip Like Yaare Nee Mohini’s Chithra

Inspired by Bharati Hegde's trip to Andhra Pradesh, we bring to you a few travel hacks that will make your solo adventure easy.

Bharati's Recent Vacation Will Motivate You To Pack Your Bags Too

Bharati Hegde‘s beauty is class-apart. For those of you who didn’t know, this Yaare Nee Mohini actress is a professional Bharatanatyam dancer too. While she might look scary on the show as Chithra, in real life she often expresses her love for the performing arts. An avid yoga person, this lady will give you some serious fitness and beauty goals.

Becoming more active on her social media handles, we recently discovered that Bharati took a vacation to Andhra Pradesh. We all know the headache of taking a trip when it comes to your personal belongings. So if you are travelling in a group it’s okay, but travelling solo comes with many more responsibilities than you think.

Namma Chithra’s trip, for example, gave us the idea to come up with cool travel hacks if you too intend to make a solo trip this year. 

1. Portable phone charger: Check

You never know when your phone will run out of juice, so keep a fully charged portable charger with you at all times. 

2. Rolling your clothes for more space: Check

Roll Your Clothes Like This For Create More Space While Packing
Source: reorganisewithroxy/Instagram

It seems silly but it is true. Try it!

3. Carry a water bottle to refill: Check

Instead of buying bottles, again and again, carry a good quality bottle with you. Whenever the opportunity strikes fill your bottle away.

4. Keep copies of your original documents: Check

Ensure that you carry at least three to four copies of all your original documentation just for safety sake. You can send a few scans to your family as well.

Yaare Nee Mohini Actress Bharati Hegde Poses For A Still
Source: Instagram

5. Carry only what you need: Check

Depending on how many days you are going, it is a trend nowadays to take minimalistic apparel and accessories with you. This will reduce the weight on your shoulder if it is a rucksack, allowing for more movement. If it is a suitcase it will be easier to transport if there are fewer items in it.

6. The wallet dupe: Check

If you are headed to a place where pickpocketing is common, a good idea is to carry one or two dupes of your wallet. You will get cheap ones in your local store and almost at no cost. It’s a good way to deceive muggers.

7. The makeup and beauty hack: Check

Yaare Nee Mohini's Chithra Poses For A Still
Source: Instagram

Instead of carrying huge makeup bags and pouches, transfer these into little cases. This lessens the scope of wastage or leakage, whichever comes first!

8. Sanitation and other necessities: Check

Always carry a hand sanitizer with you. You won’t need to hunt for a bathroom every time. If you have any medical history, take a small pouch with your necessary medicines as well. Just in case finding a doctor gets difficult there, your medical kit will come handy.

9. Blueprint of the area: Check

A map is a crucial must-have if you are going to an unknown place. Sometimes, a phone is just not reliable in terms of getting the proper network, so keep a map. You never know when you may need it.

Are you ready to go on your next solo trip? Is there a cooler hack you can think of? Write your ideas in the space below.

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