8 Fascinating Facts About Birthday Super Mom Yamuna Srinidhi Aka Gauri Of Kamali

For anyone who doesn't know about Kamali actress Yamuna's personal life, you are in for a big treat! Oh, and did you see her kids yet? She has two!

Happy Birthday To The Goregous Kamali Actress Yamuna Srinidhi

My jaw dropped when I saw Yamuna Srinidhi for the first time as opposed to her on-screen role of Gauri aka Sarojamma aka Mangalamma on the hit Zee Kannada show Kamali. It’s not because she is nothing like her onscreen avatar in real life, but the fact that despite not being like that, grace and poise are the two words to still define her. Confused? Let me clarify. The birthday girl Yamuna Srinidhi likes to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and boy-oh-boy is she a really a hot mom or what? Having said that, even though we went through her social media, none of her pictures had anything else but grace in them. Be it her western outfits or fun dates with her kiddos, Yamuna always looks her classic best.

On Yamuna’s birthday today, we will dwell into her personal life and see what other shockers are in store for us. Ready? Here we go!

1. Dessert is a full-time affair for Kamali’s mom

2. Yamuna has two children in real life; Vedanth and Lasya and they make up her whole world

3. She is pukka a #mysuruhudugi

4. The talent for Bharatanatyam is in her blood

5. Unlike on Kamali, her real-life husband is a gem

6. The birthday girl is keen on fitness

7. She appeared for a cameo role in Prema Baraha

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8. And in the film Rajaratha

Apart from these facts, Yamuna is a thrill seeker and heads off to different destinations with her family to have adventures of a lifetime. If you are a fan you’ll know about her super-cool adventures. She is also a super-mom because Yamuna takes extra care to ensure that her little angels always have her support with them. To sum up, even though the onscreen avatar of Gauri may not resonate in real life, she is a mother at heart both onscreen and offscreen. May you have a blast on your special day, Yamuna!

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