7 Times The Paaru Actor Sid Moolimani Proved That He Is Nothing But An Adorable Goofball

He is cute, charming and will make you laugh with his quirkiness.

Sid Moolimani Is An Adorable Goofball And We Have Proof

The younger son of Arasane Koteya Akhilandeshwari is an entertainer even when not onscreen. Sid Moolimani, who plays the role of Preethu takes life as it comes on the show and is like how any other millennial would ideally be. While his mother may not like the way he lives life on Paaru, Sid is like a naughty little kid in real life. 

Doing silly things doesn’t make you immature. Instead, it leaves you with a lifetime of memories. Sid advocates the same and never backs out from striking an adorable childish pose. If your day isn’t going as planned, maybe one of Preethu’s goofy pictures will make you laugh. Take a look.

1. Who knew that Sid could look like a cute goofball even while chomping on a slice of pizza?

2. Posing with his lovely akka be like…

3. His love for huskies makes him a child at heart

4. Sid prefers to stay mid-air whether or not he has company! Wink.

5. Only Namma Preethu could have thought of this unusual backdrop for a picture. Can you guess what this is?

6. While he advocates only love toward animals, this picture is proof of his goofball side 

7. There’s that fabulous high jump again

I don’t know about you but this Paaru actor has thoroughly made me smile because of his delightful pics. Most of these pictures actually remind me of my youth when I would do such goofy stuff. Therefore, it is safe to say that Namma Sid Moolimani is a talented actor who will go to any extents to entertain his fans, even jump as high as the sky!

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