7 Gorgeous Western Outfits Worn By Kamali Actress Anika That You Can Take Inspiration From

If you are looking for a style change, Rachana is your go-to girl. You will love her more after seeing the variety of party-wear in her wardrobe

1. Do you like block prints?

Anika Poses In A Dress With Golden Mandalas
Source: Instagram

Rachana’s black dress with mandala gold block prints is certainly quite stimulating for us because we love mandalas. A V-neck and cut-off shoulders add that extra oomph to the look overall. For those of you who didn’t know, she plays the parallel lead of Anika Mahajan on Zee Kannada’s TV serial Kamali.

To view more of Anika and Kamali’s bonding watch this episode:

2. The semi-corporate look

A Still Of Namma Anika In Corporate Wear
Source: Instagram

You might have taken notice, that corporate apparel is not necessarily worn to work alone. Many individuals wear it to parties or ceremonies as well. It might sound weird to be wearing a formal outfit such as Rachana’s, but we assure you it looks very classy. For a clean look, try a combination like this when you go out the next time.

3. Floral with Black and White

Anika From Kamali Poses For A Still In The College
Source: Instagram

This pretty dress has colourful floral patterns against a monochrome backdrop and has a fresh vibe. Moreover, the cold shoulder-pattern adds another dimension to it. This is an ideal ensemble for a brunch outing with your partner or friends.

4. Peachy vibes anyone?

Rachana Smith Poses In A Peach Outfit
Source: Instagram

A splash of peach entirely changes Rachana’s look. It also makes her look leaner in comparison.  The flats with a pop of gold complement the outfit. A pop colour is a great addition to your wardrobe.

5. The fluffy boatneck

Kamali Rachana's Smith Posing Like A Little Happy Girl
Source: Instagram

This grey outfit with a fluffy boatneck makes Rachana look at least 10 years younger. These type of designs help you flaunt your neck and are an ideal option for a date.

6. The netted LBD

Namma Anika Posing In An LBD
Source: Instagram

This fabulous net little black dress is a must-have in your wardrobe. Rachana has a thing for cut-off shoulders as she flaunts this beautiful outfit with aplomb. This is the perfect ensemble for a party!

7. As bright as the sun

Anika Mahajan From Kamali In A Bright Yellow Party Wear
Source: Instagram

A flowy yellow outfit with hints of orange is apt for a sunny day. Paired with a set of flat bellies, Rachana looks happy and cheerful in this dress.

Namma Anika has justified each of these looks fabulously. Her set of outfits aren’t monotonous in any way and just keep us wanting for more.

Which was your favourite outfit worn by Rachana? Do you have outfits that look like any of the above? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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