7 Dialogues From The ZEE5 Original Series Kaafir That Will Make You Question Humanity

If you think your life has been unfair, think again! Based on true events, ZEE5’s Kaafir has some eye-opening thoughts, that we would like to share.

1. Vedanth Rathod's Serious Question About Six-Years-Old Seher Akhtar

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Starring Dia Mirza, Mohit Raina, and Dishita Jain, the ZEE5 Original series Kaafir, is a heart-warming story about a young Pakistani woman and her journey and stay in India under peculiar circumstances. The 80% female-crew including director Sonam Nair and screenwriter Bhavani Iyer (from the ‘Raazi’ fame) have extraordinarily crafted a beautiful lesson on humanity. Since it is based on true events, it keeps you quite well-informed too allowing you to feel for the real-life ‘Kainaaz’ and wonders what she might have actually gone through.

Today, we would like to present to you some pricking dialogues that will make you question humanity from a different perspective. There are also some hope-inspiring dialogues that are worth noting somewhere and reading as a daily practice.

While waiting for his first interview with Kainaaz Akhtar, Vedanth tells his colleague Rafiq about the thing that has caught his attention. “Just imagine Rafiq, aaru-varshada magu. Aa jailalli huttidini antha aa maguge mariyakke aagatta? How unfortunate is that? And see the irony of life, ondu terroristu oblu amma. Ee situation na yaar mele blame maadthiya? Nammane blame maadkobeka? Authorities? Government? Somebody has to be responsible for it.”

(Just imagine Rafiq, she is a six-year-old kid. Will she ever be able to forget that she was born in jail? How unfortunate is that? And see the irony of life, a terrorist who is also a mother. Whom should blame this situation on? Ourselves? The Authorities? Or the Government? Somebody has to be responsible for it.)

2. Vedanth Literally Came As The Hope In Kainaaz's Life

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When Vedanth finds out about the injustice Kainaaz has faced and the way she actually became a mother, he tries to take a step to punish such a monster. When Kainaaz refuses to put up her child as bait, Vedanth tells her, “Volle kaala barodikke, jagah mado aavashyakathe idhe.”

(For good time to come, it is important that one must make space).

3. Vedanth Rathod Stunned The Court By Reiterating Simple Facts

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During the first trial session, and mind you before getting deep into the case, Vedanth points out to the judge about the basic reason why the tensions still continue between India and Pakistan.

He says, “Aivattu varsha aagidhe your honour, Hindustan mattu Pakistan berpattagi. Nanige ivathinvargu gottagthailla ee taraha yochnege yaar kaarana antha. Ee sthithige yaar jawabdaari antha, your honour. Kurchi mele kuthkondu aa manushyaru sonthalaabhakkagi yerudu deshada naduve sneha beda ankoltaidhare. Yerudu deshagala madhye border treaty idhe, trade treaty idhe, travellers hogbaroke transportu idhe. Adhre yerudu deshagala madhye shanti andhre? Shanti sigalla your honour. Yaakandre shanti inda ee manushyara swantha labha doora aagatte.

(It’s been 50 years your honour that India and Pakistan were separated. But I don’t understand who is the reason behind such thinking. Who is responsible for such a situation, your honour? People in power are hindering the peace between these two countries for their own personal gain. There is a border treaty, trade treaty and even bus transport for travellers between both the countries but the peace between this country is not possible. Because with peace, these people in question won’t have anything to benefit or gain!)

4. When Kainaaz Loses All Hope, Vedanth Instills Courage In Her

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The biggest problem for Kainaaz to return to her country after being released from prison was that her daughter Seher did not have Pakistani citizenship. Therefore, her return was delayed by some more time. However, when she lost all hope and was crying inconsolably, Vedanth came to comfort her. “Jeevana niyantrisalu yaarigu sadhyavilla Kainaaz oure. Yentha sthithi li neeva nimma jeevanana dudukskondidira. Yeshtu channage jeevana narupskondidira. Nimman bittu bere yararigu sadhyavilla. Aadre neevu kaleda jeevana bagge yochane maadde, mundina bhavishyad bagge yochane maadde, ivathinalli baal beku. Ee kshanadalli badak beku. Yenidru ee kshanadalle idhe“, he said.

(Ms Kainaaz, life is never in our control. The situations you have faced and fought your way through could have been made possible only by you. No one else would have been able to take it. But instead of thinking about the past or the future, you have to live in today. In this second because life is now!)

5. Kainaaz Reveals In An Interview That Boundaries Are Made By Us

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Such a beautiful explanation was giving by Kainaaz Akhtar during her last interview in India. She said, “Jailna khidkiya kambegalinda dinalu naan aakashana parvathagalna nodtha idhe. Nanig adhe neeli aakasha parvathagalu kaanasthaidvu nan deshadinda nu. Prakrathi yellargu onde. Manushya ne gere elkondidane.”

(Daily when I would look outside the window in jail, I would see nature and the sky. But I clearly remember seeing the same skies and nature back in my country too. Nature is one for all. We humans are the ones who draw boundaries.)

6. Kainaaz Proves How We Become A Reflection Of Everyone Around Us

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In the same interview, she said another thing that is true on so many levels. It is a simple rule that is technically a part of the ‘Law of Attraction’. “Prapanchana dweshada drishti inda nodidre, namige dweshane kand baruthe. Adhe ondu vele preethiya drishti inda nodidre preethine kand baruthe“, she said.

(If you look at the world with hatred in your eyes, you will find hatred everywhere you go. Change the situation and try looking at the world with love and you will find it everywhere.)

7. The Final Goodbye

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In a heart-wrenching letter to Vedanth, Kainaaz writes about her feelings. A small part of the poem is here for you to read:

Janru ondagokke horadthaare, aadhre naavu doora agokke horadidvi. Ee horatadalli naavu ibru gedvi aadre sampadsiddu kanneer maathra.”

(People fight to unite, but our fight was of separation. While we both won this fight, but our prize was tears and tears alone.)

If you haven’t watched the show yet, you must watch it for the end because even though it is an incomplete love story, it is so beautifully made to end that you may just stand up and clap in your room!

Let us know what you liked about the show if you have seen it, in the space given below.

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