7 Crazy Things To Do In Dubai If You Are On A Family Trip Like The Kamali Actress Rachana

While vacations with friends are awesome, Namma Anika, aka Rachana Smith, believes that holidaying with family is way more fun.

1. Legoland Dubai

An Entrance Of Legoland In Dubai
Source: legolanddubai/Instagram

Recently, Namma Anika aka Rachana Smith was seen in Dubai with her sister and mum, having the time of her life. Family vacations are best because these trips better your relationships. When work crowds your life, a break seems to be the best option to help the mind relax. If you are planning to plan to visit Dubai with your family like Rachana anytime soon, don’t miss these places at any cost. 

Legoland Dubai is the best place to bring out your childhood inhibitions and let yourself become a kid again. Being the only such amusement park in the entire Middle-East region, it is no surprise why a large chunk of tourists gather here to destress for an entire day, that too with their famjam! 

Anika’s obsession with Rishi never ceases to end. This episode will prove it:

2. Ski Dubai

Tried Skiing Indoors? Visit Ski Dubai
Source: lifeindubai_2018/Instagram

Another first in the Middle-Eastern part of the globe is this indoor Ski Arena, with activities that will blow your mind. Maintaining a temperature of between -1 and -2 degrees throughout the year, this giant area covers a large distance of approx. 22,500 sq meters. This is on my bucket list for sure, especially with my family.  

3. Dubai Creek

The Beautifully Lit Dubai Creek Will Make You Fall In Love
Source: shishabowls/Instagram

If you want to slip back in time and savour the heritage of the past, the Dubai creek is the place to take your family. From shopping of spices and gold, all the way till watching dolphins perform for you, this place will give you and your loved ones a sense of togetherness while exploring new things.

4. Jumeirah Beach Park Dubai

If You Beachy, Jumeirah Beach Park In Dubai Is The Place To Hangout
Source: amzandcotravels/instagram

While in Dubai, a family picnic is a must. What better place to settle than on the clean and supple beach of Jumeirah? It is a mix between a beach and a park because of the amenities that are provided on the beach for a reasonable entry fee. Either you can relax while taking a sunbath or you can indulge with your family in the many facilities provided alongside the coast. Your pick! 

5. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Is A Giant Beauty That You Must Witness With Own Eyes
Source: wolnerchris/Instagram

The legendary skyscraper that is the Burj Khalifa proudly stands tall as the best place to visit in Dubai for two reasons. One, because of its height that has sung glories across the entire globe, thereby, making it the tallest building in the world. Two, because the view from the top is more than breathtaking. Rachana too must have been smitten with the feeling of being ‘on top of the world’, literally.   

6. Desert Safari Dubai

Anika And Her Real Life Family On A Desert Safari In Dubai Is #Familygoals
Source: Instagram

One important thing on your bucket list like Namma Anika should be the first-hand-experience of a desert safari. It’s best if you have your family by your side enjoying the vast landscapes of sheer twinkling sand. Plus, you can meet with animal friends on a one-on-one basis. Ain’t that a cool thing?  

7. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo

Multitudes Of Exotic Beings Can Be Seen At Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo
Source: dubaiaquarium/Instagram

Home to approximately 140 species of underwater creatures, if you haven’t marked this as a must-see place in your checklist, your entire trip to Dubai might not be worth it. We have strong reasons to believe this. First, it is one of the largest aquariums in the world with a unique collection of around 33,000 sea creatures. If that wasn’t enough, the fish-eye view you get when you pass underneath the overhead aquarium, makes life feel blissful.  

Have you ever been to Dubai? Let us know about your favourite place there, in the comments space below.

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