6 Motivational Instagram Posts Of Your Favourite Celebs That You May Have Missed Last Week

Get your 'Monday Motivation' here. My favourites were #3 and #6. Time to find out yours!

A Still Of Amulya Gowda Aka Kamali

Thanks to Social Media, we have an unimaginable access to information about everything, especially about our favourite celebrities. Obviously, for fans, this is the best way to get to know their favourite celebs. Right from their lifestyle, to their fashion style statements, these stars are an inspiration for the masses. Fans are crazy about their celebs, especially actors from primetime shows, who have more popularity.

So, we have compiled a list of the best posts from your favourite Zee Kannada actors, that you probably might have missed. Get ready because your mid-week motivation is here…

1. Mokshitha Pai aka Paaru on ‘Confidence’.

Namma Paaru needs nothing else because her confidence is at an all-time high. Looking pretty in this dress, the actress strives to inspire her followers with her self-confidence.

2. Amulya Gowda aka Kamali on ‘Future’.

This lass never dwells on the past because even she knows it is pointless, right? Wearing a cute outfit, Amulya looks forward to a better future! Are you doing the same?

3. Nisha Milana aka Amulya on ‘Happiness’.

The newest entrant of the Zee Kannada Kutumba is the lead actress of the new show Gattimela. She too is a great motivator as she posts this cute picture with a baby goat, in her onscreen outfit! Doddu Chappale!!

4. Deepika Das aka Amrutha on ‘Expectations’. 

Her thoughts are short and sweet but make absolute sense. Dressed in this gorgeous saree, Deepika loves to motivate her fans with life lessons she has gone through! Such a pretty lass!!

5. Sushma Shekhar Aka Belli on ‘Love’. 

A fantastic lesson to take away from this Yaare Nee Mohini actress. Especially in today’s time when selfishness has taken the lead, making sensible decisions in matters like love is important. Good luck!

6. Chaithra Rao aka Janaki on ‘The Right Attitude’.

Spreading positivity almost every day is the cute Jodi Hakki actress, Chaithra Rao. If you are ever in distress, go to her profile and read her quotes. They are guaranteed to cheer you up!

I am feeling super motivated after reading these quotes by some of my favourite actresses, aren’t you? In the space below, tell us whose quote inspired you the most!

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