6 Empowering Quotes By Gattimela’s Aadya Sarthak That Are Note-Worthy

Whenever you feel low or need words of motivation, follow these excellent quotes by actress Anvitha Sagar aka Aadya of Gattimela!

1. A Killer Quote To Tell Yourself That You Are The Most Special Person In This World

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Trying to keep her family happy is the adorable sister of Vicky and Vedanth in the show Gattimela, on Zee Kannada. For Aadya values matter the most so she is always making efforts to ensure that not only the Vashishta family but even the Manjunath family is happy together. In real life too, actress Anvitha Sagar is the same. She is always seen cheering up everyone on her social media. 

Even though Aadya is married to Sarthak now, her righteous values still remain the same, although Sarika her sister-in-law doesn’t appreciate it much. On that note, if you have the same sister-in-law problem going on, check out these si empowering quotes by her. Starting with this self-loving quote.

2. How Proud Are You About Yourself?

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Check out Anvitha owning this pose 100 per cent. Her confidence to play the sister of Vedanth and Vikranth Vashishta has earned this lovely actress so many fans.

3. Are You The Kind Of Girl Aadya Is?

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Many people will love you but there will even more people who hate you. You just have to think like Aadya and tell yourself that they ‘love’ to hate you.

4. When You Figure Out How Other People Perceive You?

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In life, if someone is trying to bring you down, be sure to ignore it because only you can judge the true beauty inside of you, like Aadya.

5. Are You Worth It?

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Are you passionate about what you do? Are taking the right measures to always move forward in life? If you too want to dwell on this path, then knows this, chaos won’t be far away, but it will be worth it.

6. Is There Anything That You Are Passionate About?

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If your answer to this question is yes, then listen to Aadya and follow it till it brings to the kind of happiness you are looking out for and then never let it go!

Which quote struck a chord with you? Share your thoughts with us in the space given below.

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