5 Things To Keep In Mind While Dating Guys Like Pulkesh From The Movie Mugulu Nage 

The characteristics of Pulkesh might be alarming to some, but if you have fallen in love with someone like him, these ideas might just help!

What You Should Know If You Are Dating Someone Like Pulkesh

When in love, you must be ready to do things that you probably had never thought of. It is frustrating sometimes…but hey…the heart wants what it wants right? Written on similar lines by the talented writer Yogaraj Bhat is the movie Mugulu Nage, starring Namma ‘Golden Star Ganesh’ along with Apoorva Arora, Nikitha Narayan, Ashika Rangnath and Amulya.

Yogaraj Bhat’s Mugulu Nage can be viewed here:

Pulkesh (Ganesh) falls in love four different times in different periods of his life, but all his relationships end. The curious part about him is that no matter what he does, he can never cry or feel sad. While this attribute in a man might seem disturbing to many women, you must remember that there must be a deeper reason for this.

If you too are going through a similar situation, here are five things to keep in mind while dating men with such personalities…

1. Don’t judge their reaction to every situation

Apoorva Arora In A Still From The Film
Apoorva Arora In A Still From The Film

There must be a reason why men like Pulkesh react the way they do. Many times, they just don’t know how to express themselves. If you have fallen in love with such a person, patience should be your best friend. So, make sure not to judge them or portray that you have a judgmental comment on their behaviour.

2. Understand why he can’t show sympathy

Handle this delicately because any interrogative questions might trouble him. Instead, try to learn more about his character thereby learning the reasons why he can’t console you or show sympathy.

3. Refrain from pressurizing him to do what you say

The Golden Star In A Still From Mugulu Nage
The Golden Star In A Still From Mugulu Nage

Men, in general, don’t like to be pushed around. Well…at least most of them. So, it’s a humble request, if your boyfriend has issues exhibiting certain kind of emotions, don’t push him further. The repercussions may be ghastly!

4. Never take anything they say to heart

Since you already know that your partner has an issue in certain areas, don’t take anything they say or do to the heart. Remember your best friend patience? Be patient and most of all kind.

5. Respect them regardless

A Still Of Nikitha Narayan And Ganesh In Mugulu Nage
A Still Of Nikitha Narayan And Ganesh In Mugulu Nage

Imagine how you would feel if someone constantly made you remember your flaws which you ideally weren’t even thinking about? You wouldn’t like it I am sure. Similarly, there must be a level of respect for your partner considering what they must be going through.

If you truly love this person, all these points should be a breeze for you. Besides, the whole point of a relationship is to accept someone who could be completely different from you and make them your own right? Let us know if you are experiencing something similar. While Ganesh’s character found his happy ending the movie, we sincerely hope your love story blossoms to unmentionable heights.

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