5 Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List When You Visit Singapore Like Namma Sushma Shekhar

Holiday in this beautiful Asian country, now with an itinerary in hand! Sushma Shekhar aka Belli of Yaare Nee Mohini can give some inspiration

If You Too Are Visiting Singapore Make Sure To Do These Things There

Namma Belli from Yaare Nee Mohini, is all about a charming personality in real life. Since she loves travelling, she took a memorable trip to Singapore. A little about the country; it is a mix of varied cultures and trends. Known for its steady increase in tourist visits year after year, Singapore has almost everything set up for everyone’s whims and fancies.

Belli and Maya console Muttu regarding Neelambari’s situation in this episode:

Right from the smooth passage of their efficient public transport systems, all the way to numerous varieties of cuisines available, Singapore is more than just a tiny island.

We have gathered a list of five things that should definitely be on your checklist, should you decide to take a vacation there, as Sushma did.

1. Universal Studios

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Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore, Universal Studios has gained traction because of the astonishing adrenaline levels that tourists are made to experience. See the look on Sushma’s face and you’ll know what we mean. You can visit with friends or family for a day full of amazing memories.

2. Shopping at Changi Airport

After being graded as the best airport in the world for six years in a row, this is the best place to do your shopping after clearing customs. Top that with the amazing eateries you will find on the way and your time will pass so smoothly that you won’t feel like leaving the airport at all.

3. Skydiving without actually skydiving at iFly

Have you ever thought of skydiving but haven’t had the guts to take the plan forward for various reasons? Fret not! Here’s the chance for you to do skydiving in close quarters and in a safe environment. You are placed inside a transparent tube for the experience of a lifetime, even though you aren’t actually falling from the sky!

4. Night Safari

Are you a nocturnal being? Then the Night Safari is a place for you. The world’s first night zoo will make you feel splendid as you will be a part of nature’s best creations at a favourable time for them and for you. I will do this for sure during my visit.

5. Water Sports

A small island off Singapore’s coast called Pulau Hantu will fulfil your thirst for water sports. They have activities like diving and snorkelling that will send you away underwater to spend some quality time admiring the world down below.

Looking at Sushma posing cutely at the Universal Studios Singapore makes me feel like planning a trip right now. Have you been to Singapore? What activities would you recommend? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments in the section below.