5 Surefire Reasons Why Belli Will Make A Better Life Partner For Muttu Than Maya

While Belli worships him like a God, Maya is simply obsessed with him. Your turn to choose who looks good with Muttu in Yaare Nee Mohini.

Does Belli Suit Muttu Or Maya? Time To Vote

Yaare Nee Mohini is a hit Kannada show, that serves the purpose of entertainment. Because of its horror, thriller and drama genres, it has gained a massive fan following since its inception. In the lead is Chethan Vicky as Muttu and Sushma Shekhar as Belli. Another important character, Maya, played by Aishwarya Baspure is the third wheel to Muttu and Belli’s love story. 

Although Maya’s character adds contrast to the show, there should another hero for her because I cannot picture her with Muttu. On the show, he loses his wife Chithra to a nasty mishap and is forced to get engaged to Maya. On the other hand, Belli, who was like a sister to Muttu’s wife, spends most of her life with loving him like a God 

However, Muttu and Belli are a match made in heaven. Why? Because firstly, the amount of care and respect they have for each other is unmatchable. No matter what happens, their first concern or hint of worry is for each other. Secondly, Muttu, although hasn’t discovered his feelings for Belli, feels a strong connection towards her. When she is in trouble, Muttu rushes to her side and tries his best to shield her from any wrong. In turn, Belli, always listens to whatever he tells her and obeys as though it is her lifelong duty. It is very sweet because, true love can be seen in both their eyes. They have no expectation from each other, but always have the other’s happiness in their prayers. 

Finding someone like this is crucial for you to live a long and happy life. Not only does it make the journey more comfortable but also helps maintain your peace of mind. How can we forget, the onscreen couple look adorable together thanks to their brilliant chemistry. With Maya, I personally feel there will be too many conditions Muttu wouldn’t be able to handle. Apart from being too needy, Maya likes control. Their love story seems just unlikely. Do you agree?

Whom do you think makes a better partner for Muttu and why? Leave your super-exciting thoughts in the space below.

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