5 Stunning Outfits Worn By Deepika Das That Will Prove Her Love For Indo-Western Style

Amrutha of Zee Kannada’s Naagini believes in fusion style statement. Her fashion personality is one-of-a-kind.

1. The modern-day classic

Deepika Das From Naagini Posing For A Still
Source: Instagram

Amrutha, from Zee Kannada’s Naagini, believes in mixing the past and the present. Looking graceful in this modern-day saree, Deepika Das’s accessories include only a set of earrings, a delicate necklace, one bangle and a wristwatch. She likes to keep it simple you see.

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2. Anarkali or a Dress?

A Still Of Naagini's Deepika Das
Source: Instagram

Even though this dress can be worn just as an evening gown, Deepika couples it with a matching dupatta, a pair of delicate earrings and a set of bangles to give it that traditional touch.

3. The past meets the present

Naagini's Deepika Das Posing For A Still In Indo-Western Wear
Source: Instagram

This dress donned by the Naagini actress is the perfect combination of fusion wear. Wearing almost white everything, a traditionally bordered yellow top gives the much-required pop to her outfit. The earrings are traditional in nature, coupled with a delicate necklace.

4. Saree for party-rockin'

A Candid Picture Of Amrutha From Naagini
Source: Instagram

An all-black oomph-a-licious saree with silver and white embroidery will turn multiple heads in your direction too. Deepika also added a fully reflective pair of shades to this gorgeous saree making the whole outfit look cool.

5. Reviving the netted trend

Amrutha From Naagini Poses For A Cute Still
Source: Instagram

Only Deepika can splendidly carry of this delicate yet dazzling black dress with a netted bottom. She pairs the outfit with a leaves shaped bracelet. In addition, big round earrings, a star-shaped necklace and black bellies complete the overall Indo-Western look.

Have you ever dressed in fusion wear? Which look of Deepika Das did you like best? Also, tell us what you think about mixing the old with the new in the space provided below.