5 Scenes From Beautiful Mansugalu That Outline Sruthi Hariharan’s Brilliance

My favourite is Scene 5! Beautiful Manasugalu is a romantic thriller directed by the talented Jayatheertha.

Scene 1: The big sister 

A Still From The Movie

When Nandini’s younger brother demands a big amount of money for school purposes, she gives him the required money with some fuss even though it’s not affordable. Sruthi’s preparation for this was precise which made her character relatable. This scene begins at the 15:05 mark. Don’t miss it.

Beautiful Manasugalu is a romantic thriller directed by the talented Jayatheertha. He has done a fabulous job in bringing out the best in Sathish Ninasam and Sruthi Hariharan, the lead cast. This movie is targeted towards Indian women and portrays the ill-effects of media aided by corruption.

Watch Sruthi’s exceptional performance here:

Scene: 2: Love by force

A Still Of Sruthi Hariharan And Sathish Ninasam In Beautiful Mansugalu

Prashanth pursues Nandini but constantly fails. Her ignorance makes him unhappy and forces him to confront her about his feelings. Sruthi immersed herself into this role of an independent woman who stands up to harassment.

Scene 3: Nandini's confession

This scene was based on an awkward moment between Nandini and Prashanth. Sruthi kept up the awkwardness throughout the scene to make it more engaging for the viewers.

Scene 4: Questioning Nandini's intentions

A Still From An Emotional Scene In Beautiful Mansugalu

Nandini’s foster brother confronts her about the relationship with Prashanth. This engaging scene will remind you of the time when your older brother questioned you about a crush or partner.

Scene 5: The final conversation 

A Still Of Sruthi Hariharan Getting Emotional In The Film

This scene is my personal favourite as Sruthi has correctly displayed the emotions of a frustrated partner in front of a huge crowd. For an actor, it is sometimes difficult to bring out your true nature with onlookers around, but Sruthi had me captivated from the beginning till the end of this scene (watch it from 01:12:40)

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