5 Relatable Reasons Why Kamali Is So Afraid Of Falling In Love With Rishi 

Because they look so cute together, we sincerely pray that one day she falls deeply in love with him. Don't you?

Kamali Prefers To Stay Away From Rishi. Find Out Why

Popularly known as Kamali, Amulya Gowda is an inspiration to all her fans. Be it her talent for acting, or the positive messages she keeps passing to her fans on the show, Namma Kamali is right on top. On the show, you must have noticed that Rishi, her teacher has the hots for her, since the time he first laid eyes on her. Nothing she can do is wrong according to him.

While having such a belief is a good thing, Kamali, unfortunately never responds to Rishi’s feelings. You must be wondering why? Well, in all honesty, childhood trauma is what causes her to stay away from anything that shouts romance. To get into specifics, here are five relatable reasons why Kamali keeps her distance from the ever-so-handsome Rishi sir.

1. Career

Since she left her village to study further in the big city and make a name for herself, Kamali prefers to stay out of any romantic entanglements as this would cause a distraction. If you are in such a situation, remember that maintaining a balance between your personal life and student life is very important. So rethink about your decisions before taking a step further.

2. Teacher

Being a student of Rishi sir, on many occasions, Kamali has mentioned the awkwardness that she feels when he gets close. It is but natural that you might be a little hesitant if your teacher is hitting on you. But if he is as cute as Rishi sir, it is but natural for anyone’s heart to slip, right?

3. Father

A terrible childhood memory of when her father left her, haunts Kamali every now and then. While she is friends with anyone who approaches her, she cares for very few men in her life including Kempa, Shambu and Rishi. Can’t blame her!

4. Strong belief

Kamali And Rishi In A Still From The Show
Kamali And Rishi In A Still From The Show

Because of this bad memory of how her father abandoned her mother when she was young, Kamali refuses to believe in love. Her idea of love is friendship because you must have noticed that she will do anything to protect her friends. So anytime Rishi approaches her, she keeps a safe distance because she doesn’t believe that anything will happen between her and Rishi.

5. Fear 

All of Kamali’s fears are related to the fact that her father (Chandru) deserted them very early on. So she fears that if she falls in love with Rishi, he too might do the same as her dad. Unfortunately for Rishi, he knows nothing of her childhood and is seen many times being sadly ignored by his lady-love.

Do you think that it is high-time that Rishi and Kamali get together? Let us know what you think in the space given below.

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