5 Reasons Why Parvathi And Adi’s Paaru Is A Must-Watch!

Paaru has more than one reason to be watched. Take a look at why you must start following this show if don't already.

Paaru , starring Mokshitha Pai, Vinaya Prasad, and Sharath Padmanabh is a family drama revolving around a house, controlled by Akhilandeshwari and showcases the obstacles that they face as a family. Paaru enters this house as a helper only to become so close to them, that she begins to treat them as her own. But there’s more to this. Here are 5 main reasons why you must watch the show!


The serial Paaru revolves around Parvathi, played by Mokshitha Pai, who works in the house of the very rich Akhilandeshwari, played by Vinaya Prasad. Her magnetic personality leads to Akhila’s son, Adi falling in love with her. Even though Parvathi is not part of the family, she treats them all as her own and is always there to protect them.

Paaru’s Character

Mokshitha Pai aka Parvathi’s performance is commendable and wholesome. She is an ideal personality in the serial, who is not only a multi-tasker but also a very intelligent girl. She might not have completed her studies in the serial, but she is street smart and has just the skills you need to survive.

Great Performance By Vinaya Prasad

Vinaya Prasad plays Akhilandeshwari and delivers a stellar performance as the character. She is stern, intelligent and keeps her family together. She might come across as very rigid, but the soft side to her also comes out through her relationship with her children and appreciation for Paaru, who always supports their family. She truly is a character to look up to!

A still of Vinaya Prasad as Akhilandeshwari
A still of Vinaya Prasad as Akhilandeshwari

A Life Lesson

One of the most important lessons that we can imbibe from the serial Paaru is that life will always throw the least expected situations our way. Parvathi is patient and never loses her cool. She is calm, which is the main reason why she finds the best solutions to every problem. It is absolutely essential that we don’t panic in unpredictable situations.

A Family Entertainer

The serial is a complete family entertainer and has all the drama that you need, to forget about your hectic day. The show has many high points that take the story forward and ensures to keep its viewers at the edge of their seats!

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