5 Qualities That Make Pari And Manju Of Gattimela The Perfect Parents

Pari and Manju have always stood by their daughters and brought them up to be the perfect women. Here’s how!

A Still Of Manjunath, Amulya And Pari

If you’re looking to seek inspiration from the perfect couple, then Pari and Manjunath of Gattimela are the ultimate relationship goals. They are the ideal partners for each other who have also brought up their four daughters to become independent strong women of today’s time. Here are some of the qualities that make them the perfect parents.


To begin with, Pari and Manju strongly believe their daughters to be empowering women who can stand up for themselves and identify between right and wrong on their own. They have also managed to demonstrate to their kids the rewards of hard work and personal accomplishment.

Academic Support

Pari and Manju have always focused on the fact that their daughters should be well-educated. We also see their emphasis on education and studies when they explain to Adithi and Anju how important it is for them to focus on their studies so that they can become independent individuals.

A Parimala, Manjunath And Adithi
Source: ZEE5

Attention To Health And Eating Habits

Children don’t really like practicing healthy eating habits. As parents, they have shown their children the importance of eating healthy and on time while also respecting the food that they receive.

Good Modelling

Pari and Manju have clearly taught all the four daughters the importance of standing up for one another. We see Amulya and Aarthi, both, doing the same for each other whenever an outsider has questioned their character or even their parents’ intentions for the decisions that they have made. This is what really brings the family together.

A Still Of Aarthi, Parimala, Amulya And Manjunath
Source: ZEE5

Limits And Boundaries

While they have been the easiest parents to talk to and have also been great friends to their children, they have set boundaries and limits as to how to act and what to say when. They have taught them how to be disciplined with whatever they do which also makes them the perfect parents.

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