5 Predictions Of The Occultist That Have Played A Key Role In Anu And Arya’s Love Life

The devi who comes in flashes to guide Arya and Anu has made some predictions that have played a key role in their love life. Details inside!


The occultist who everyone refers to as ‘devi’ in the show has played a key role in the life of Anu and Arya from Jothe Jotheyali since she has entered their life. She has always given them a certain direction and has also warned them as and when their life was in some sort of danger.

A Change In Anu’s Life

The first time she comes into their life, she tells Anu that her life will change forever and that there is someone who will enter her life that will turn things around for her. Anu is studying in college at the time. Arya comes to her college as a guest and that’s when the two of them meet. Things take a turn when she gets employed into Vardhan Group Of Companies.

Visit To The Temple

Anu and Ramya are standing on the terrace when the devi comes to her house to tell her that there is a certain temple that she must visit as that will solve a lot of her problems. Anu is not sure which temple she must visit. Even though she asks Pushpa if there is any particular important temple around, Pushpa tells her that there are many such temples. Anu is confused and tries to find out which one she is required to visit.

Jothe Jotheyali 27 February 2020 Preview_ The Devi Visits Arya's House

The Devi Visits Arya’s House

The 24-Hour Challenge

Anu comes across the occultist during her 24-hour challenge with Arya. She gives Anu another clue as to which temple she must visit. Anu catches on to that clue and visits the temple where she meets Arya within 24 hours. The meeting is what leads to Arya accepting his feelings for Anu although he doesn’t confess his feelings to her openly.

The occultist visits Sharada Devi's house
The occultist visits Sharada Devi’s house

Warning Anu

The devi goes to Anu’s house and tells Pushpa that her daughter’s life will be in danger soon. This is happening at the same time that Jhalander decides to use Anu to attack Arya. He is also informed about Arya and her budding love story by Neel, who gives Jhalander the idea to get to Arya by attacking his lover.

A Clue To Sharada Devi

The devi goes to Arya’s house to tell Sharada Devi that a girl, who is a form of the beautiful jasmine flower, will enter Arya’s life. She tells her that she will be the one to protect Arya from anything evil that comes his way. This also takes us back to the time when Arya missed his flight to London as he goes to meet Anu. If he had left for London, Jhalander would have attacked him over there.

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