5 Mother-Daughter Pairs On The Zee Kannada Roster That Will Make You Extremely Proud

On Daughter’s Day today, here is a tribute to the best daughters of Zee Kannada and their onscreen mommies!

1. Amulya-Parimala from Gattimela

A Collage Of Parimala And Amulya
Source: ZEE5

Just like how a mother is important for a daughter, the rule works both ways. Having a girl child is very special to many mothers because, in India, daughters are considered auspicious for any household. They are given the place of Lakshmi, the Indian Goddess of wealth and prosperity. To commemorate this joyous day, every year Daughter’s Day is celebrated in many countries on 22 September. 

Since we have themed this week as the ‘Daughter’s Day’ week, here are the best mother-daughter duos on the Zee Kannada roster, that you can learn a thing or two from.

Starting with the best mother-daughter Jodi, Amulya and Parimala Manjunath. They are like best friends and always talk to each other about their problems. Unlike her other sisters, Pari is closer to Amulya because she is like the son of the house. All the difficult decisions, responsibilities and discussions are carried out only after discussing with Amulya. In a sense, she is the perfect daughter to her parents, don’t you think?

2. Kamali-Gauri from the show Kamali

A Collage Of Kamali And Gauri
Source: ZEE5

Another daughter, who values her mother’s ideologies is Kamali, a village girl to comes to the big city to make her mother proud. Even though her mother, Gauri, doesn’t tell her anything about her father, Kamali is a matured daughter who understands that there must be some reason that her amma isn’t saying anything.

A brilliant quality about Kamali as a daughter is that even though she appears timid, she will become a raging bull if anyone talks anything ill about Gauri.

3. Radha-Tulasi from Radha Kalyana

A Collage Of Tulasi And Radha
Source: ZEE5

Radha and her mother Tulasi share a unique bond of love in a house where there is nothing but hatred. Radha has a stepdad named Prasad, who married her mother under peculiar circumstances but she has never treated him differently. In fact, Radha and her mother love Prasad dearly, as opposed to his mother Kanthamma and daughter Likitha (from his first marriage).

Poor Radha has no choice but to work to keep fending for her glutton-like step-grandmother so that she won’t treat Tulasi badly. No wonder they say daughters will be at your side always and forever.

4. Geetha-Girija from Bramhagantu

A Collage Of Geetha And Girija
Source: ZEE5

Out of the five daughters in this lot, Geetha is the only one who is a daughter and a daughter-in-law, so automatically she has not one but two mothers. Girija, her birth-mother and Sumathi, the mother who accepted Geetha into her family. Luckily for namma Gundamma, both her mothers love her dearly and get along very well.

Despite her being overweight, Geetha is a very hard-working daughter who will do anything to ensure that everyone in her families is happy and content with life. If you are a fan of the show, you would have already seen the many sacrifices Geetha has done to make sure her loved ones are happy.

5. Anu-Pushpa from Jothe Jotheyali

A Collage Of Anu And Pushpa
Source: ZEE5

A relatively new mother-daughter jodi on the Zee Kannada roster is that of Anu and Pushpa. In this case, the mother has more ambitions from the daughter than the daughter herself. Like for example, Pushpa wants God to find a groom from Anu asap, even though she is just 20-years-old. Not only this, but Pushpa also wants Anu to get an extremely rich husband as money matters to the former. Will Anu as a daughter be able to fulfil Pushpa’s wishes? Stay tuned to find out on Jothe Jotheyali.

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