5 Inspirational Quotes By The Birthday Girl Rashmika Mandanna That Will Brighten Your Day

She started her career in 2016 with the hit movie Kirik Party and hasn't looked back since. Don't forget to say happy birthday to this gorgeous dame!

1. Her Motto On 'Peace'

Rashmika Believes In Making Peace
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Turning 23 today, Rashmika Mandanna has achieved milestones of success since she started out in 2016 with her debut in Sandalwood, Kirik Party. In just three years time, her career in the field of entertainment has skyrocketed, making her one of the ‘top paid actresses’ in the industry. Today, she has completed 7 films out of which her first three films, Kirik Party (2016), Anjani Putra (2017) and Chamak (2017) were back-to-back successes.

On her birthday, let’s take a look at her five best mottos in life. She wrote this quote for people who are searching for peace. Mind you, her quotes are personal but each holds true meaning.

2. An Excellent Piece On 'Smiles'

The Birthday Girl Rashmika Mandanna Knows How Effective A Smile Is
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Her smile is enough to make you fall in love with her. But her messages on social media will actually make you think about your self-worth and how you can improve it. Take this quote, for example, the birthday girl is all smiles and is spoken well about what a smile can do!!

3. A Quote On 'Self-Love'

Self Love Is The Best Kind Of Love Rashmika Says
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As I mentioned, self-love should hold utmost priority in your life, because who else will love you more than yourself right? Rest all shouldn’t matter!

4. How Far Can You Go To Test Love?

A Brilliant Message For Those Who Have Tested Love
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The Kirik Party actress speaks her heart out to fans on social media just as she did when she posted this quote. It looks at how love is tested and the results that come out of that! Just lovely, isn’t it?

5. Rashmika Knows That 'Keeping It Real' Is The Best Way To Achieve Success

Rashmika Mandanna Likes To Keep It Real
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Yes! Staying at par with the progressing world needs a motto to succeed. That motto is ‘keep it real’. It’s the only way to let go of the past and look forward to a better future! Kudos to this stunning beaut for keeping it real always!

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