5 Extreme Things Lovers Like Anika And Vicky Have Done To Be With Their ‘One And Only’

Like Anika, have you ever slashed your wrist for anyone? Or maybe walked on burning coal like Belli. Just kidding! DO NOT TRY THE FOLLOWING AT HOME!

In Tonight's Episode Vicky Puts His Life In Danger

The feeling of love is often misunderstood by many. It is not just one emotion, it is a combination of various other emotions that brings two or more humans together. Furthermore, it cannot be looked at from only one perspective because love has various stages. The love for your pet may differ from that for your parents or your life partner. But the whole point here is that it is a ‘mutual’ thing. Love cannot be forced on someone and neither is it good when it becomes an obsession. In addition to this, while wishing that your loved one is happy by doing self-harm is also not good. We will now look at all the Zee Kannada shows including Paaru, Gattimela and Yaare Nee Mohini, where characters have taken an extreme step for their loved ones.

But before we begin, remember that by extreme we mean causing self-harm or harm to others for the person you love.

1. Kamali- Anika Slashes Her Wrist For Rishi

A Still Of Anika Trying To Convince Rishi In The Presence Of Kamali
Source: ZEE5

In a desperate attempt to get Rishi all for herself, Anika partially skits her wrist. Although Kamali buys her tantrum from a while, Rishi later clears the air by saying that had she intended to give up her life, she would have cut her wrists in a different way. Know one thing, no matter the outcome you can maybe get sympathy but you cannot make someone love you by force.

2. Gattimela- Vikranth Consumes Poison When He Hears About Someone Else’s Marriage Proposal For Aarthi

A Still Of Aarthi And Vikranth In The Hospital Room
Source: ZEE5

In this case, the situation was different. Vikranth genuinely didn’t want to live without Aarthi, who loves him equally. But because of her orthodox parents, she is scared to announce her love. So when he learns that Aarthi will be someone else’s, he just can’t bear it and Vicky tries to give up his life. While Aarthi, who was stunned to hear about this, scolds him for doing such a stupid thing, ending your life is not the solution to anything. That heart beating inside of you is more valuable than you know. So let’s thank the Gods for saving Vicky so that now he can think of a life with Aarthi.

3. Yaare Nee Mohini – Maya Kills Belli’s Mother To Eliminate Problems From Her Path To Muttu

A Still Of Sharmila, Maya And Belli
Source: ZEE5

Yes! A heinous crime indeed. Thanks to Maya, Belli’s mother and grandmother are no more. And all for what? Just to be with Muttu? Taking another life shouldn’t be an option you give yourself at all. It didn’t get Maya anywhere because Muttu has gotten closer to Belli and continues to despise Maya.

4. Paaru- Aditya Holds Burning Camphor In His Hand To Pray For Paaru

When Aditya Goes To The Temple To Pray For Parvathi
Source: ZEE5

When Hanumantha tries to send Paaru back to the village, Aditya goes to the temple and holds burning camphor in his hand to ask God to prevent her from leaving. If you are such a situation, please understand that God is listening to whether or not you harm yourself. So, why ruin your lovely body, that should ideally be your biggest gift. It looks great on the show, but please just your prayers for you lover should suffice.

5. Yaare Nee Mohini- Belli Walks On Burning Coal To Prove Herself To Muttu

Muttu Talks To Belli About His Feelings
Source: ZEE5

Even though Muttu tries to stop Belli from doing it, to prove it to the love of her life and the villagers that she is innocent of killing Ashoka’s brother, she douses herself with kerosene and walks on burning coal. Again, on TV, experts take care of these actors and ensure their life isn’t in danger. So please don’t try such things to prove your love because if you don’t have life what is the whole point of love.

Did you save someone from such an incident? Share your inspiring stories in the space given below.

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