5 Accessory Hacks Akshaya Raghavan Of Gangaa Swears By

If you want to break the monotony, try these awesome accessory hacks to bring in some fresh perspective.

1. When you can't find a nose chain

Akshaya From Gangaa Wearing Boho Themed Jewellery During A Shoot
Source: Instagram

Akshaya plays the negative role of Gauri on Zee Kannada’s Gangaa and believes that jewellery or other add-ons don’t necessarily have to be worn in a certain way. The nose chain worn by Akshaya can be used in more than one way. The boho themed earrings can be coupled as a hair accessory too. What do you think?

Gauri finally accepts her defeat in this interesting episode:

2. Missing an accessory for your hair?

Source: Instagram

The second use of the nose chain is that it can be worn as headgear like Akshaya in the picture. Also, the third use of this ornament is an anklet. Now you don’t have to buy multiple ornaments or worry about losing a hair accessory.

3. Earring to Nosering in a jiffy

Namma Gauri Posing For A Selfie
Source: Instagram

Sporting this delicate nose ring which can also be worn as an earring, Akshaya’s look finds variety. The duality of this accessory makes it quite unique. If it fits, you can also use it as a finger ring. One ornament, three uses!

4. The trick of nature

Gangaa's Gauri Poses For A Still
Source: Instagram

Coming to more hair styling, if you are running out of options for a photograph while on a holiday, just simply open out your hair. Now, take the prettiest flower around you (with permission of course) and stick it in your tresses as Namma Gauri has done. Finally, you can click-click away!

5. Neck-wear or headgear?

Gangaa's Akshaya Raghavan Poses During A Shoot
Source: Instagram

A thin scarf can be doubled as an accessory for your neck as well as for your hair. Of course, this scarf looks cuter on Akshaya’s hair, but the choice of preference is yours. Both ways, be rest assured, like Gauri, you will look like a pretty woman.

It is imperative for us to keep mixing and tweaking things around. This is for our betterment as well as to avoid any kind of monotony. Do things like Akshaya and you are sure to be on your way.

Don’t forget to try out these hacks and let us know how it went for you in the space below.

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